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I was fortunate enough to be invited by The Harrogate Girl to attend a fashion event in Harrogate a few weeks ago held at The Mercer Gallery by BIAS, an Independent fashion Boutique situated on Cold Bath Road, a busy area of town swimming in one- off boutiques. Tickets were £7.50: welcome drinks and entry to the raffle. Canapés by Norse and drinks from Slingsby Gin. Proceeds went to St Michael’s Hospice.

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Bias prides itself on curating highly stylish Scandinavian and European labels for men and women, fair trade jewellery is highly featured and some local clothes makers. Bias opened its door in Harrogate in 2016 after its Flagship store was established in Pekham (now closed) the brand is still growing and has continued to maintain a core following in Peckham. London.

Courtesy of Susanna Lewis A Yorkshire Girl

The show was aptly used The Mercer Gallery’s recent exhibition celebrating 100 years of feminism, ‘Picturing women’, as inspiration and a backdrop to their annual fashion showcase. They teamed up with The Lingerie Rooms, Fit Harrogate and Hoxton North to showcase and model.

The evening started with drinks -Elderflower-for me and delicate cream cheese and fig canapé (I also bumped into A Yorkshire Girl and Harrogate Mamma). It was quickly evident that this was a popular event as the gallery was buzzing, mainly with women, chatting and admiring the current exhibition which had inspired the event.

As we took our seats it was apparent that there really was an excitement about the showcase. After a few words for the owner, Sally, the first catwalk was underway.

Hoxton Norths’ staff and owner, Tim, took to the Catwalk along the centre of the Gallery showcasing some of the casual wears that Bias has to offer. The elegant colour pallet featuring a staple white T-shirts and casual blue chino’s ‘ Tim walked the catwalk to a loud of applause followed by this other colleagues .there were slogan tea and soft flowing over coats coupled with trendy pumps and knee lengths shorts for men and women alike. I particularly liked the floral slacks and over-shirt- very en-trend for the summer this year and would not go amiss on the catwalk of Gucci or Sabyasachi (an Indian Designer).

What particularly caught my attention was the Beachwear from The Lingerie Room, Harrogate, from two pieces to one piece and cover-ups including a Sarong and lightweight over shirt were featured, a must for those cooler evenings on the beach or a walk to the bar.

Bias had attempted to do something unique; now this was not an event filled with professional of, but all were from local shops but what really heralded this apart from other catwalks was the special appearance of Sally’s friends. I think this was probably the most humbling and empowering experience not only for those involved but also us in the audience. This was truly the most inspiring moments of the catwalk. labelled ‘Resilient Women’ it used two specific exhibits as its’ inspiration;Cochineal – I Chose (Victoria Brookland) and my favourite ‘Stepping Out II (Margaret Hunter). Both featured flashes of the colour red, denim and some of the best dresses BIAS has to offer.

Not only was this a showcase of BIAS but also a clear homage to the role of women in both Art and Fashion.

Featured Brands

Sofie Schnoor-


Scandi Lifestyle

Marie Jo

Ted Baker


Images Courtesy Of Bias official

BIAS Harrogate can found on line and Cold Bath Road Harrogate –

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