Hot! Hot! Hot!

By it’s hot out! Stating the obvious I know.

It’s funny how we British love to talk about the weather from the opening of a conversation with “weathers looking good at the moment” or the “it’s ok it always rains up north” but we can soon turn this in to a full on moan about the ills with life and the world.

I’d like you to stop for a moment and think about those children, elderly and vulnerable who are suffering in this heat.

Arjun is really suffering, the heat is horrendously debilitating for him. Due to this he is unable to regulate his temperature: hot or cold. His body will easily and quickly overheat which then triggers a seizure. It’s pretty part of the course with a child who is approaching end of life but that doesn’t make it any easier to manage. There are occasions when no matter how much you try to convince yourself that he will be ok, deep down you know he wont be.

His seizures have altered in this heat, only last week he had a type of seizure we had never seen, his head turned to the left and he became very still, still to the point that we thought it was cramp. He still cried out in pain and his breathing became more distressed; normal for us.

He is unable to travel, even with the air conditioning on so we are limited to venturing out on such beautiful days, which really isn’t very fair on the girls but they understand. It’s amazing how they realise that everything is much easier if we just stay at home in the cool, albeit it with the Dyson fan quietly humming in the corner of their brothers’ room.

Arjun finds the heat distressing, think about it: temperatures reaching high 20’s, you cannot walk, you remain either in a bed or a chair and you cannot ask or get yourself a drink : you are totally reliant on everyone around you to help you.  Just think how would you deal with it? In many ways it’s his body warning us to keep a extra eye on him I suppose.

Lets face it, this heat wont last for long (it never does) but you should remember those who find this heat not a joy but debilitating.

Much Love

Norther Bindi


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