Bridal Masterclass

I was fortunate enough to attend a ‘Bridal Masterclass’ event at Bobbi Brown a few weeks ago. The event took place at the Harrogate Bobbi Brown The Studio Harrogate, 7 Market Place.

I have used Bobby Brown for years, ever since I realised that my face was so sensitive that even the usual Clinique that most of use are directed towards, was just not suiting my skin tone. I had used Boots own brand at first , simply because my mum had told me it was the best to use (typically this generation revered M&S Boots as the top go to brands!) As you can imagine when I had the opportunity to visit my all time favourite brand I jumped at the chance.

The event was a collaboration with Rigby and Peller, which I must admit I knew every little about; again my lingerie is always from M&S. It was a collaboration to showcase the ‘Bridal Inspired’ , ‘Bridal Masterclass’ collections for both.

The evening started with a very warm welcome from the staff and the obligatory glass of bubbly (orange juice for me) and I was given the opportunity to look at the Illuminating Shimer Bricks and Bridal Beauty range.

I was then taken upstairs to their bijou private room; VIP and personal appointments area. The room is really bright and airy but makes you feel like a true VIP. I would suggest booking yourself in for a personal Make up lesson or brow shape with Aoife just to experience the pampering in this room alone!

Aoife, senior Make up Artist, was to demonstrate a smoky eye, natural lips and a glowing complexion on the beautiful model. She made it look so simple to create the look , with only a few items from the Bobbi Brown range, she explained with great clarity how to achieve this effortless look. The eye shadow glimmer sticks were possibly the most revolutionary make up that I have seen, simply effortless. One sweep of the pencil -like eye shadow over your lids created the most iridescent and sheer look, however it could be easily built up to create a more vivid and bold eye. Really easy to apply especially for a busy working mum like me who will often apply my  make up in the car!

Once the make up was demonstrated, we were introduced to Rigby & Peller; lingerie. Now as far as I was concerned this was a brand well out of my reach, a brand that created couture lingerie, however I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they did many ‘off the rack’ ranges.

The main element that was their USP (for a better term) , was their clear knowledge and understanding of how a decent bra  should be fitted. I will be popping in to them soon to try out this service and I will report back largely because I am a very narrow back and have breast!

Their wedding lingerie was spectacularly beautiful; silks, top brands and attention to detail was exemplary. I urge you to visit. My only criticism was that as an Indian Bride I would wear red on my wedding day and therefore wanted to see red samples too, but as they say they can get most of the ranges in different colours.


All in all it was a small intimate event which showcased some of the most beautiful brands in Harrogate.


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