Mummy is Sick

When mummy is sick who looks after her?

In the most it is nobody, but that said I am lucky that I have my husband, who despite his lack of culinary skills can make a mean beans on toast and at a push pop some fishfingers in the oven. I must admit it has taken a lot of pondering, huffing and puffing with the occasional expletive before the children’s dinner has arrived safely (and I do mean that!) on the table.

It’s even more challenging when you have a disabled child. being poorly yourself as a primary carer is a big ‘NO NO’. When I am poorly, usually resulting from over eating or just exhaustion, everyone has to chip in with his cares. He requires feeding, changing, washing and medicating at the correct times.

Often, the girls will want to feed him, and to be honest, when I’m home alone with them (when my husband is at work) then yes I do allow them to feed him. To them it is just like feeding a baby. This is not too far from the truth – the development of a six month old n the body of a 15 year old.

We do have carer who has been with us since Arjun was 3 years old, and if I’m perfectly honest, there is no way we could live our lives in a ‘normal’  way if she was not with us. She will step in to look after Arjun if I am really poorly, for example when I had C-sections and when I had major abdominal surgery and found myself in Intensive Care.

So as I sit on my sofa after the a pretty precarious school run (I had to drop and run before I was sick again) I know I’m fortunate to have people around me who can step in and help.


Time to plan a quick root to collect the girls form school and get home before I vomit again ! I will write more when I m feeling better and not running to the bathroom !

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