Summer Holidays with a Disabled Child and Siblings

How many times have we wanted to be on our own? We have wanted to spend time away from the kids and the other half? Many I’m sure. well, this weekend I did. I had planned all kinds of interesting things once I had completed the the obligatory jobs; cleaning, washing, ironing, mopping, tidying etc I had planned on having a quiet bath, a face mask, looking through my wardrobe, taking a few snaps for Instagram and generally watching crappy TV and maybe even reading. Guess what? I did none.

I spent the majority of the weekend doing housework, the menial tasks I had been putting off for weeks because they were easier to do without the kids at home.

The impending Summer Holidays had put me in overdrive, the preparation as a parent is immense. The kids bedroom just had to be done before they break up, the fridge just had to be cleaned before the mammoth shop to feed the kids every 2 hrs (where do they put it all?) and of course I had to tidy under the staircase-didn’t I ?

It is quite funny how this time of year makes many parents re assess and ‘get organised’ because it symbolises, that the end of a year, the start of a very long Summer with the children at home and the impending anticipation of our children getting older.

I love having the kids at home; no early rising if I don’t want to, no rushing out of the house for the school run and worrying about work, planning lessons, marking (at least for the first 3 weeks) or frantically running around to make some ridiculous outfit for the next dress up day . Have you seen what Father of Daughters can create- I am total disappointment to my children when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Although I am quite proud of the Suffragette outfit I created (well bought parts of it) for my daughter.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

It much more challenging spending the Summer with all three children for us- Arjun has many restrictions, I have no transport of my own in which we can travel with him. This results in long days at home trying to entertain and occupy both him and the girls. There are only so many cakes, buns and chocolate covered baked goods I can stomach not to mention the cutting, pasting and general glitter I can mop up from every orifice imaginable before I really do lose it!

Arjun cannot access any of this except for licking the melted chocolate so with him it is all sensory. Smells, sounds and touch, but mostly he sleeps. Not to mention his daily physiotherapy routine- he hates it. This is extremely restrictive for everyone and really unfair on the girls. This so where ‘parenting guilt’ takes its’ toll. It has been like this for years now, and this  is also when I feel most isolated and low.


So when I read and hear of parents complaining about the Summer holidays and how they cannot face having them at home, take  a moment and think about all the families out there with disabled children. For us it so much more restrictive and more challenging for the siblings to lead an ‘normal ‘ life- even in the holidays.

Summer is full of both excitement and trepidation– what do we do with them all Summer?


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