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Cote Brasserie is a nationwide French Restaurant to which I was privileged enough to invited to eat at. I am always a little sceptical French eateries, largely because I am vegetarians (well, I eat fish and I don’t drink) so my stereotypical idea of ‘frogs legs, steaks and wines’ usually fill me with dread, however I was pleasantly surprised.

The Brasserie décor is spot on, there are small booths, quietly lit corners for romantic nights but also larger tables within the main bustle of the restaurant. I really like the tables set outside, they are ideal for these long summer evenings.

I was a little late and my fellow bloggers and friends, A Yorkshire Girl and The Harrogate Girl, were already sipping drinks and nibbling Hors d’oeuvres; olives and garlic. I ordered an orange juice (they don’t serve Mocktail’s).

The menu itself is extensive and exploding with fish and vegetarian options as well as the steak, if anything I would say there was too much choice. You could choose from light bites, Al La Carte and their set menu. The only question I had was ‘Where should start?’

For starters I had the Calamari Bread-crumbed squid sautéed in garlic, lemon and parsley with tartare sauce. This was divine, Calamari is notoriously difficult to cook, it can be either rubbery or slimy, I can happily report this was neither, in fact not only was it tender but the portion was so large that I couldn’t finish it (well I only left 2 pieces!).

Suzanna ordered a simple Charentais Melon with Savoie Ham Seasonal Charentais melon with air-dried mountain ham and extra virgin olive oil whilst Victoria had the Moules Marinières Mussels cooked with white wine, garlic, shallots, parsley and fresh cream as a starter.

I had the Moules and Frites as a main. I have always loved them, and to be honest in a French Brasserie these should be the epitome of good French Food. They were cooked well (remember to leave any that are not open- this is always a bit of a lottery with Moules- I had a few that weren’t). The sauce was heavily garlicy and the Frites were crispy, just right to dip into the sauce to soak up the flavours. I would suggest not getting them if you are on a date or have an important works meeting the following day!

Suzanna opted for the Salmon Chargrilled; salmon with ratatouille and a lemon juice and olive oil dressing. Victoria the Steaks 10oz Ribeye. All of their steaks are from 30 day aged grain fed cattle and served chargrilled with frites.

Dessert is my favourite of any meal –sometimes I skip starter just so I can have the dessert (does anyone else do this too?). No French meal is complete without the classic Crepe. This was their special: Crepes with Chantilly cream and Strawberry’s- sweet and slightly tangy fresh strawberry served on a paper-thin crepe with lashings of the delicately vanilla flavoured Chantilly cream – heaven!

On the whole, Cote has an extensive menu with enough range to meet any budget, but adding wine will bump the up Bill as will any additional sides.

If you are searching for a relaxed dining experience with a loved one or friends I would suggest this is a good place to start, not only for the authentic French atmosphere and food but also the exceptional service.


Côte Brasserie Harrogate, Yorkshire

01423 226155
Closes in 14 min 08:00 – 23:00
Price for two: £15 ~ £30
*they do also cater for children.

Why not try a Cote Brasserie near you?

Much Love

Northern Bindi


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