A Journey of Love on Love Lane

Our journey began on love lane…. 

I always knew I wanted to get married and have a family, but I also always wanted to win the lottery so I guess getting half the equation right isn’t so bad. I was only 20 still in my third year at college, when my Chachi (aunt) told me she had met a ‘tall accountant’ at a wedding and could she give him my number. How can a girl say no to a description like that – I agreed to pass my number on. Not so much because I thought it would really lead to getting married but more so to cover my own back, in case in 10 years time I had not found anyone at least no one could accuse me of not having tried. 

Without giving my age away too much this was the year of the birth of social media and sites such as Facebook and hi5 were just opening up – I tried to find the name my aunty has given me with no luck – considering it was the wrong name in the end this was no surprise. 

A few weeks later, having forgotten all about this whilst living the best student life at university I received a phone call on my trusty Nokia. A guy who sounded pleasant enough introduced himself and how he had gotten my number. I would love to say we clicked straight away and I just knew he was the one, but the truth was the conversation was just very polite, bordering boring and a bit too serious. 

However a few weeks into calling and texting we both began to open up and show our true selves, sarcastic, swearing and banter made me more interested in getting to know him more. However I still had no idea what he looked like so after several hints from me explaining when I would next be home from university and nothing from him, I took the plunge and asked too meet up for coffee.

We chose Cafe Nero located on the aptly named Love Lane for our first blind date, the coffee ended up lastly for over 4 hours and ended in a big bag of chips from the chippy so in my eyes that was pretty successful. 

It took a few months of us getting to know each other before we both knew it was something serious, he proposed in Paris a year later and we arranged to get married the following year. 


It’s been nearly 10 years to the day now since I said yes and my secret to staying on Love Lane is double sinks in the bathroom and a weekly cleaner. 

I think our calm personality help, especially in stressful situations. Even on the times I overreact he never does, when he loses his temper I can remain composed. We met when we were both so young so we had to grow together, being equals at home.

Sharing responsibility and both knowing how we can best enrich our little ones lives. Love isn’t the same now as it was at the beginning when we would talk for hours on end, love now is coming home and seeing the washing up has been done or having a cup of tea given to you with your favourite chocolate biscuit. 

10 years, one house build, 2 children and over 35 countries we have explored together and the adventure on love lane is just beginning. 

Much Love

Northern Bindi


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