Media Virgin- once I was!
I had no idea that I would ever be asked to be part of any media let alone National Radio, twice in a week! Surprised is an understatement shocked is the the reality. The power… View Full Post View Post

Not another girl!
It’s not all about religion or culture but also about personal opinion. I remember the days we had our children, much like most mothers. It was filled with mixed emotions. It seemed that motherhood and… View Full Post View Post

Hot! Hot! Hot!
By it’s hot out! Stating the obvious I know. It’s funny how we British love to talk about the weather from the opening of a conversation with “weathers looking good at the moment” or the… View Full Post View Post

Parenting through Palliative Care
There are occasions in everyone’s lives where you are forced to take difficult decisions, knowing that either choice maybe wrong and will leave a scar; neither choice is suitable. We have been forced to make… View Full Post View Post

Mocktail Mission: Quest to Find the Best Mocktail
Not only healthy fads but a way of life for many-THE MOCKTAIL a fairly recent phenomenon but still much underrated (and berated by some). For many drinking alcohol is the norm but there is a… View Full Post View Post