Mocktail Mission: Quest to Find the Best Mocktail

Not only healthy fads but a way of life for many-THE MOCKTAIL a fairly recent phenomenon but still much underrated (and berated by some).

For many drinking alcohol is the norm but there is a small army of non- alcohol drinkers who are fighting back to remove the negative connotations associated with being labelled ‘tea total’ and ‘boring’. More and more of us are turning to non -alcoholic beverages but why is it that hotels, bars and restaurants still haven’t cottoned on? It’s not ‘just a fad’, there are so many reasons why not to drink apart from the obvious health benefits: medication may not mix well with alcohol, you, are the designated driver (or safe-person) or (like me) who dares not to drink alcohol. Sometimes it feels like I’m a member of a new self -help group ‘Non Alcoholics Anonymous’ where confessing to my sins is riddled with guilt! Well, I’m here to challenge all you that think I’m barmy and cannot surely have a good time without at least being a little squiffy. I want more!

The usual ‘Oh just a glass of tap water then madam?’ Or ‘no wine madam?’ as the waiters grudgingly remove the wine glasses and whist fully dismissive glances; even a sigh of silent exasperation can be heard.

What follows is glass tumbler (no doubt the same one side to water the plants that morning) of watered down orange juice or sparking water. It still surprises even further when you are never asked for a top up or another drink when fellow wine or beer drinkers are attended to with such vigour; is it because their drinks cost more? This equates to more profit, having said that many Mocktails are just as (if not more) expensive, why, is it because they are ‘special’ ‘elite’ or just damn right too much effort to make?

I want a cool drink, in a fancy glass, with twists of lime or lemon and a bit of ‘panache’ and ‘glamour’ not an old tumbler or even worse a Mocktail that screams ‘I’m the odd one who doesn’t drink!’ This usually consists of a little drink and an entire garden of leaves, chopped up fruit often haphazardly, soft fruits thrown in or ‘muddled berries’ and you spend the night picking raspberry seeds out of your teeth (very attractive,). There must be more out there in a world of non -alcoholic drinks, and I don’t mean a wanna-be-beer or insipid tap water.

There you go, my quest, mission, opinion whatever you want to call it is on, I’m on the hunt to find the best in Yorkshire.

If you know of, or want to be involved leave a comment; I’d love to hear from you.

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