Medi-Pedi: Margaret Dabbs of London

I’ve always been a very particular about my feet; my obsession with shoes has resulted in my need to look after them (my feet and shoes) really well. I consider myself quite adept at a pedicure.

Margaret Dabbs of London has opened several swanky new locations around the country, one of which is in Harrogate.

Set in Harrogate’s most sought after street, Margaret Dabbs standouts with its taupe awning. The clinic is located on Montpellier Parade, in the heart of town, within easy reach of boutiques and restaurants, it comprises of different treatment rooms that offer a selection of hand and foot treatments. I was invited to experience Margaret Dabbs’ signature Medical Pedicure.


It is a beautiful salon, facing on to the Montpellier Parade, you can watch the world go by as you have your treatment in one of their huge treatment chairs. They offer several services, all concentrating on your feet and your hands, but I was there to try out their Medical pedicure.


My feet are in pretty good nick, like I said before so I wasn’t really sure what they could do for me but when I was introduced to Mohammed, their Podiatrist I was quite shocked at how much he could do!

My feet were sprayed to disinfect and clean them before he started with the treatment. So what makes it Medical? All their treatment are conducted using only hospital grade sterile utensils, even down to the glass nail file and the buffer. There was no question that this felt a little different to your average ‘pedicure’.

Mohammed explained that my feet were indeed in ‘good shape’ and that his treatment would work wonders on ‘problem’ feet, I however had some dry heels and cuticle that were overgrown and required attention. Who knew!?

Once cleaned he cut the toenails, filed them down with the glass file and then proceeded to use a machine to remove excess cuticle and buff my nails.

Now, I am extremely sensitive on the soles of my feet (ticklish) so when he was about to remove the dead skin on my heels I knew I would embarrass myself by giggling, Mohamed was lovely, he instinctively realised this and was so quick and thorough that I had little time to curl my toes and giggle like a small school girl!

I can honesty ay there was nothing uncomfortable of painful about this treatment despite the Medical title of it. A visit would definitely be recommended. I am really keen to return, but next time to try their hand laser treatment which with a course can leave you with younger looking hands. A must for a mum who has her hands in and out of cleaning solutions daily.

About Margaret Dabbs London:

Margaret Dabbs London is an independently owned foot and hand care brand with foot clinics and nail spas nationwide and abroad, including Dubai and Qatar. Passionate about feet, Margaret Dabbs is a fully trained podiatrist who in 1998 set up the first in a series of foot clinics, pioneering the now renowned ‘Medical Pedicure’. In 2004, Margaret has developed her own range of foot and hand products to be used in treatments and has successfully established the company as the benchmark in the luxury foot and hand care market, fusing health with beauty. Margaret Dabbs London products are now retailed, and treatments performed, in some of the most prestigious department stores, hotels and spas worldwide, whilst Margaret herself is widely regarded as the leading spokesperson for foot care issues in the UK.

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