Let’s talk about the British Asian way of life in the North.

I’ve lived in the North of England all my life; I was born here. Originally from West Yorkshire (Huddersfield) I married down to the Midlands, but soon found myself ‘back up North’ in the quaint Spa Town called Harrogate in North Yorkshire. A town with very little multi-cultural influences but work meant we had to settle here. Nevertheless, I continued to be true to my Punjabi, Indian heritage and my Northern roots too. This where Northern Bindi is born, through a desire to hold onto both identities.

I am an English Graduate who has been teaching English for the last 20 years to 11-19 year old, but always wanted to be Journalist (broadcast and print).

I am also a qualified beautician – I decided to train after my son was born – something for myself.

More recently, I attended The London School Of Fashion to follow my obsession with shoes! Learning how to create and develop and brand and make shoes (yes, actually make a pair ) was the ultimate experience – you will see a lot of my personal collection in the blog (hopefully one day my own collection too).

Now I have a beautiful family; a son (who is life-limiting; yes I will write about him) and a two daughters (both premature) and I battle through to try and engage this next generation of to embrace their British Asian identity.

Yes, I said battle.

Increasingly the overbearing nature of English as their first language and the propensity to wear western clothes and indulge in The Kardashians and Brit Asia TV makes the battle real. I thought growing up as a first generation Brit Asia was confusing but it’s even more challenging as a parent of the second generation!


This platform will attempt to bring insight to both sides for the modern, middle generation of parents and our children. I will be delving into the world of fashion (I have an addiction to shoes and handbags), food, beauty and of course my own commentary on the way things are. So, please join in my journey of discovery and passion for all things Northern Bindi.


Much Love

Northern Bindi x